Social Business Compass™

Social Business Compass

What are the characteristics of a social business and how can an organization transform into one? Two of the questions I’ve received most during the past two years, that I’ve spent on this matter. I’ve not only tried to answer these questions, but to describe a model that will guide you on your course. I’ve named it the Social Business Compass™

First, let’s define the term social business:

A social business is a customer-centric organization that uses social technologies to improve communications and collaboration between stakeholders in order to reach it’s business goals.

Although this definition by itself is just, it leaves out many aspects. To understand how a social business is defined, we’ll have to look at all the aspects, including leadership, culture, structure, governance, trust, collaboration, reputation, transparency, customer-centricity, goals, operations, processes, systems and so on.

At the same time: what is it that makes collectiveness and connectiveness so relevant today? And why wasn’t it relevant 20 years ago. Is there a relationship between the way we manage, lead, market, communicate, spend, live, work .. and the times we live in? Edwin Korver believes there is and that the relationship is even very distinctly related to waves in the economy, in technology and even sociology.

In the next few weeks Edwin Korver will present his so called Social Business Compass™ in a book that will include both the model, as well as a strategy by which the model could be put to practice.

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